Your website is $*#&%! There I said it!

99 percent of all websites are crap!
Yours probably is as well, and I can quickly prove it!

When you had your website designed:

Did you dream that 1000's of people would automatically go there?
That you would immediately start selling your product?
That you would make millions?
That people would visit your Blog, subscribe to your message?
That people would beat your door down?
That rainbows and unicorns would surround your computer?

Well, before I go further in my rant, please do this quick test.
Perhaps all of the above is happening for you and I'm just wasting your time.

Please skip to the free site SimilarWeb.

Enter your Website URL and be prepared for the cold hard truth. By the way, if no data at all shows up, you are not even on the radar.

But if you did make it to the island, first look at your Total Visits:

Bang! It will show you how many people are visiting your site.

Time on site will show you how long their visits are. Bounce rate will automatically show how many people come to your site and say,  “Hey! This is not the right site. I made a mistake! I'm Outta here!”

If you stop weeping for a moment, you can move to Traffic by countries. Look! I'm getting 100's of people daily from Bangkok, Thailand, to my restaurant in Halifax, Canada. Sorry, that traffic is not doing you any good.

The third tab will quickly tell you if it is Direct traffic, meaning people know the address and are typing it in (already know you) or actually getting there via Search, which is really what you want -  New People finding you on the search engines.

“But, but, but Tomek I spent over a thousand dollars on my site and hired the best web design company who spent months designing it!” Numbers don't lie. If you require a shoulder to cry on, I hold a support group every Thursday night for people just like you. This group is large, please join the waiting list...

“Hey! I made the website with my brother/cheapest/free company I could find and spent nothing!” You would have been better off buying new shoe laces as that time would have been more productive to your cause, as least your shoes would work perfectly for the long walk of shame with no money in your pockets.

I know this is all tough web love, and I'm not trying to be mean or silly. I just need to break the circle of chains of people wasting money and time. Most people are delusional about their websites. We are in a new era of web development.
It's play ball or go home.
You have all been warned! And I will never speak of this again.

If you were able to stop your sniffing for a moment, I do have a way out of this mess.  Join my newsletter for the newest ways to market online.  I don’t have all the answers yet, but together we can figure this out. 

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