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Is Your Website Ready for April 21st?

This might come as a surprise to many, but come April 21st Google will start using mobile-friendly compliances to govern how websites are ranked on it’s search engines. In the last few years, with the growing amount of mobile devices on the internet, adjustments had to be made. Mobile traffic now comprises 30% of all total traffic. This traffic continues to grow. Google, being first in the business of providing its clients the best way to find information on the internet, is always looking to make that experience better for its users. Google now will penalize your site if it does not size correctly on multi mobile devices and if its clients cannot manipulate your website while on the move. This means if your competitor is mobile ready and you are not, they will rank ahead of you on search, even if you have more relevent information on your site.

How do you know if your site is ready? You can simply go to

If your site fails, this may be a great time to re-design your site .